Permanent Lip Liner

If you love having makeup-free days on a regular basis and you wonder how to keep vibrant color lips, permanent make up is the way to go.

Full lips are greatly admired; they are rich and pouty and have a great sex appeal to them.  Fuller lips may not always be symmetrical, but when they are, it just adds to their appeal.

One of the best options for an amazing lip makeover is to add vibrant, youthful color to them and make lips look a bit fuller by slightly extending the natural contour of the lip. Often clients choose to combine permanent makeup procedure alongside standard fillers or alternatively some clients prefer to use only permanent make up as it lasts up to 4 years, far longer than fillers.

One of my favorite procedures is correcting color. As we live in South Florida, a state of such impressive diversity, I get to work on all types of skin. It is common for people of mixed ethnicities to have ashy-colored lips and it’s amazing how beautifully this can be changed to other lovely colors.

It is only normal for clients to worry about how painful this type of procedure can be. However, by keeping the area of the treatment numb and by reapplying topical anesthetic creams during the procedure, we can make the process much more comfortable.
As PS works  with numbing applications 
your nerves are numbed within minutes.

Lips can be filled in partially creating a 3 D effect.

For a brighter look, a full color lipstick filling effect is highly recommended.

You may also choose only lip liner if you only want to add definition to the contour of your lips.