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Permanent Makeup For Men

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner or Eyeliner Enhancement For Men


Get that Hot Look by accentuating your eyes with Permanent MakeupTattooed Eyeliner or Permanent Makeup Tattooed Eyeliner Enhancement.  Male models, Male Celebrities, and Rock Stars do it, and so can you! (click here for pictures of my work)

Men can enhance their lips with Permanent Makeup Color, or if your lips are asymmetrical or slightly discolored, Permanant Makeup can blend in the imperfection with your own natural lip color.



Men can also have their eyebrows designed, shaped and made fuller using the Hairstroke technique in Permanent Makeup.  Please refer to “Eyebrows” and review the information.


Call for a free Permanent Makeup Consultation and together we can review what features you want to enhance and what you would like to achieve.