Important Facts About Permanent Makeup

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Refrain from any consumption of alcohol, Vitamin E, Multi-Vitamins, Aspirin (any non-vital blood thinners) products for at least 2 days prior to procedure to prevent excessive bleeding. This is important in order to avoid increased sensitivity.

Chemical peels, Glycolic, Retin-A and other aggressive skin care will affect the longevity of permanent makeup. Use caution to avoid the tattooed area with these types of products to prevent fading.

Use sunscreens, preferably SPF 20 or higher to help maintain the color and prevent premature fading. You can find everything you need to care for your permanent Makeup here in Broward County, South Florida.

More about  Permanent Makeup/Tattoo & Eyebrow Embroidery Miami and Southeast Florida.

Here at PS Permanent Makeup I am passionate about creating eyebrows perfectly tailored to our clients preference. With permanent makeup/cosmetic tattooing becoming increasingly popular procedure, techniques are improved regularly. To achieve these long-lasting results and stunning designs for permanent makeup/ cosmetic tattoo, we are constantly improving our services to include the latest trends and techniques, including embroidery eyebrow.The  feather touch eyebrows stroke blends with the hair for perfect shaping precision. Our special techniques with each application process ensures that the results are the most natural look.

Designing the perfect eyebrows for each client is a highly qualified service team provides Flirt & Flutter uses the finest pigments and devices like Nueve Contour 1000Upon arrival to my clinic you will have the opportunity to discuss your preferences. If you are not sure, I will advise you of various shapes and colors that best suit your face for permanent makeup / cosmetic tattoo.

So wether you are on vacation here in Southeast Florida, or live in Miami, Pembrooke, Hollywood or pompano beach, I am here for you.  PS