About PS Permanent Makeup

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A select few in the Permanent Makeup industry have the ‘gift’ of making the application of permanent cosmetics an art. PS is one. She has mastered the art of perfect cosmetic application, in both traditional cosmetics and now permanent makeup micropigmentation. She utilizes the latest techniques with regard to the implantation of the highest quality pigments, and is skilled in digital and machines. As a result, PS is often called upon to consult and treat more difficult procedures such as Permanent Makeup tattoo color correction and design corrections.Her Makeup facial art work is superior to other makeup artists. She is also proficient in yearly Permanent Makeup touch ups for those who wish to maintain their Permanent Cosmetics. We hope that you will take the time to thoroughly review this website. There is so much to know about what procedures are right for you! Research Wisely. You Only Have One Face.